Why the Euro Zone and EU Might Help Unite Europe !

The European Union (EU) and the Euro Zone (EZ) are made up of countries. These countries are not states similar to the states in the United States. The states in the USA were and are designed to work with a central government.

The European Zone (EZ) and it’s counter part the Eurpean Union (EU) are a much more loosely put together central ruling body with no real bite because EZ member states (countries) are sovereign nations. This is why it is difficult for EU to operate efficiently as one Centralized Europe as does the USA’s central government in Washington D.C.

Now; let us look at the current situation in Europe’s EZ. Some say Greece and the rest of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) nations might flee the EZ. My question is this “flee and then do what” ? It is my belief that the PIIGS as well as other EZ nations will be “force negotiated” into accepting diminished sovereign rights in exchange for bailouts and continued inclusion in the EZ. These new agreements will essentially bring the smaller and less efficient EZ member countries closer to a state level instead of a expensive, inefficient, economic rouge sovereign nation as is currently the situation. Will all nations accept these new terms? No, but almost all will to some degree or another. Is this a totally stable situation? No, but neither where the thirteen original state colonies of the USA.

Was this seek, destroy and absorb small and less efficient sovereign EZ Nations by design. Well, I do not want to be called a conspiracy theorist so I’ll leave that call up to you to decide. One thing you can be sure of is that the German Region will have much to say about how the new, more centralized EZ is governed and thus they will have accomplished much of what Germany could not do with two world wars. The French need not worry as they will be spared to some extent as long as they cooperate in the early stages.

EITHER WAY; at some point in the future the EZ and EU will be a lean, more streamlined and efficient union. Will the Euro survive? Yes, as long as the fiat money system survives. Will it go down in value? Yes. Will it go up in value? Yes.

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Anthony DiChi at TradeCurrencyNow,
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