Singapore Dollar

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The Singapore dollar is the Asian version of the Swiss franc, but with one big advantage. Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority, has not been intervening to prevent the currency from strengthening.

Just like the Swiss franc, the Singapore dollar is also backed by an incredible financial firepower. As Sean Hyman, Editor of Currency Cross Trader, has written here before, Singapore is already set up to be the world’s next Wall Street.

One of the best ways to measure that power is by looking at foreign currency reserves. The larger the reserves are, the safer the economy. There has been a tremendous growth in Singapore’s reserves over the last decade. That’s what makes the Singapore dollar a safe-haven currency.

It’s not easy to trade currencies from Asia. It’s impossible for retail investors to trade currencies such as the Chinese yuan, the Indonesia rupiah, and the South Korean won.

And most Asian currency pairs that are available to retail traders, like you and me, don’t move much. The Hong Kong dollar and Thai baht, for example, don’t move much because their central banks keep them on a tight leash.

The Singapore dollar is the exception. The MAS is much more flexible. The currency tends to fluctuate more than the other Asian currencies, so it’s the best Asian currency to trade.

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