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Trade spot gold (XAU/USD) and spot silver (XAG/USD) at the FOREX Market.
FOREX offers trading in spot gold (XAU/USD) and spot silver (XAG/USD) with the same commitment to fair and transparent pricing that have become known for in forex trading.

Why people trade spot gold and silver:

To speculate on short- and/or long-term trading opportunities in a 24-hour market (Sunday 6:00 PM ET to Friday 5:00 PM ET)
To diversify their overall portfolio across different asset classes
Applying risk management as a hedge against market volatility and financial crises
No commissions, only the bid/offer spread.

Why you should trade spot gold and silver on the FOREX Market?

Tighter spreads save you money – Competitive dealing spreads, small contract sizes, and 1% margin requirements to help you make the most of all your trades.

Quick In and Quick Out liquidation.

Please feel free to contact me to learn about trading gold and silver on the Forex Currency Market.
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Since gold and silver have recently been added to Forex Market trading has joined and merged with and

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Identifying the Trend

As long as you can identify the trend and how to profit from it you will always be on the money as you advance on your trading career.

As every experienced precious metals trader knows, the metals markets have a characteristic that make them kind of special compared to other capital markets, that is, precious metals is a highly trending market. And you can prove it to yourself by looking at long termprecious metals charts. If you watch with attention you will realize there are always marked trends for any precious metal you choose to watch. The art is in identifying the trend early enough to enter the market with an edge in your favor and also in learning when to exit an exhausted trend that is about to reverse. That’s, in a few words, all you need to make money with precoius metals.