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I specifically designed the FOREX NEWS web page with all relevant Forex trading news on a single organized currency trading news web page. The Forex news web page is designed to help new Forex traders get a fresh clean quick start and assist existing currency traders. I use the "Forex Currency FX News" web page every trading day. I've recently added the Currency Pair Directional Report Service.


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John and Ruth located in Stuart, Martin County on The Treasure Coast of Florida for their data base expertise. of Orange County California for the design and marketing of this web site.

My original clients Cathy in Orange County, CA, Michael in Long Island, New York, Ed up in the State of Washington and, Robert in Newport Beach, CA for your professionalism and encouragement.

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All of you have been very inspirational in the success of this web site.

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Private Currency Trading Partnership

A Forex Currency Trading Partnership is an ideal consideration for those who prefer to have their Forex Currency Trading capital traded with a partner who is familiar with the currency markets. A Forex Currency Trading Partnership gives a busy investor or businessperson a chance to participate in the world's largest trading market; the International Forex Currency Trading Market.

Currency Trading Partneship

The International Forex Currency Market is the largest and perhaps most lucrative financial market in the world, easily exceeding all stock markets combined. Forex Currency Trading offers leverage and since currencies are traded against each other, unlike stocks and commodities, there are always currencies on the way up.

What is a "Currency Trading Partnership" or "Forex Trading Partnership" ?

A trading partnership is a business run by two or more partners for the purpose of trading currency for profit. Each partner brings to the table an agreed talent or asset.

Forex Trading Partneship

Forex Currency Trading Education - Research

Many potential forex traders get help by either "Managed Forex Accounts" or a "Forex Currency Trading Partnerships" or "Education" from tutoring or self study from forex information sources such as this website. Learn how to trade Forex Currency by using the website to help you start trading forex currency with a solid foundation, proper education and forex information. Do not not learn by loosing your capital and spending time and money on the wrong programs or bad trades.

Currency Trading Partneships

Start your currency education by using's Forex News Web Page and the Forex Currency Trading Help Tips Web Page or the new Forex Trading Help Blog.

Fact: Only 5% of new independent traders make money, the other 95% LOSE.

Get help and educated now to become one of the winners!

Michael of Long Island, New York says "I was up and trading the Forex currency market with confidence in days"!

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Update on the Iraqi Dinar

Everyone is talking about the Dinar, people are investing in the new currency, but is it a hoax or is Iraq's New Money really a way to get rich quick? We expose the truth, show you how to spot the fakes and explain what the dinar really costs should you decide to move forward. CLICK HERE for more info on the Iraqi Dinar.

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